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Art Instruction Art Classes Stuart FL Stuart Florida
It is an honor to have painted this commissioned portrait of Dan, Genevieve, Madeline & Michael Rasik.
A family giving so much.

Dan (Dad) is currently fighting in Afghanistan, his fourth tour, while 10 years enlisted. Their twins, Madeline and Michael were 7 months old in May 2013 when the portrait was planned. Genevieve (Mom) is pregnant with their third child due to arrive November 2013. It has been an honor to do this painting for the family.

Thank you to Cynthia Crankshaw (Grandmother) for this opportunity.

Looking forward to seeing your family continue to grow!
Art Instruction Art Classes Stuart FL Stuart Florida
Commissioned artwork is a wonderful way to guarantee you will receive the subject matter and style of artwork you prefer. Artwork can be commissioned for portraits, animals, landscapes, botanicals, murals and more. Please consider this possibility for your next art acquisition.

A time line is contingent on work currently scheduled. Keep this in mind when requesting a commission for a holiday or special event.

Quality is always a priority since each piece is a potential heirloom.

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Art Instruction Art Classes Stuart FL Stuart Florida
Art Instruction Art Classes Stuart FL Stuart Florida
Art Instruction Art Classes Stuart FL Stuart Florida
Art Instruction Art Classes Stuart FL Stuart Florida
Art Instruction Art Classes Stuart FL Stuart Florida
Student Recommendations:

     “Kelly is a wonderfully talented artist and art teacher. She is able to instruct all ages, abilities, and mediums. She has an arsenal of tools and techniques to share with her students. She continues to work and grow as an artist herself, therefore, so do her students. Lucky us!” - Lori Bradfield, Student, Art Travel Buddy, Friend

     “Kelly gives each of her students personal attention and she is able to explain methods, techniques and ideas three or four different ways until she sees the light bulb go off in your head!”  - Larry Lavargna or

     "Kelly has a unique gift with her combination of artistic talent, technical skills and experience to connect with people of all ages. She brings out in them their own unique abilities, allowing them to be challenged, yet not overwhelmed, no matter the subject, medium or their own skill level. She is the ultimate teacher." - Susan Roberts


     "One of the many wonderful things about Kelly, is that she is “one stop shopping” for an art instructor.  I found that many instructors teach only one medium, but not Kelly.  My daughters have learned everything from drawing, painting, photoshop to even doll making over the years.  If there is an art form you want to learn and experience, chances are, Kelly can teach it to you." - Michelle Pray (mother of Mia and Tessa Pray)

More About Kelly

     Kelly Arnold offers 28 years of high quality Fine Art Instruction in Stuart FL with Adult Art Classes and Children’s Art Classes in:

Traditional Arts:
     oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor, drawing, pastels, graphite, charcoal, colored pencils,

Computer Arts:
     computer graphics, Photoshop, Create Your own Website,

Specialized Arts:
     murals, painting on chocolate, puppets, sculpture, clay and polymer clay.

     All art students are encouraged to work in their preferred choice of medium, subject matter, style of art and at their own speed.

     Art Classes are available and on going through Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

   Serving art students in Palm City, Hobe Sound, Jensen Beach, Sewall's Point, Hutchinson Island, Port Salerno and all of Martin County.

    The students preferred subjects vary from tropical paintings, portraits, landscapes, seascapes, seascapes, animal portraits, murals, community projects.

     Kelly Arnold has been doing commissioned artwork for over 30 years. She also directs from